Bardo Teachings with Choekhor Tshang Rinpoche: Online Event. 60 €uro

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Bardo Teachings with Choekhor Tshang Rinpoche:

Live with inner peace and joy, die peacefully. Finding comfort and an intimate relation with the process of dying.Life precious, however, it is also comprised by a constant chain of changes. Living in sync with change, accepting change as a natural part of life is the key to living with inner peace and having calm and intimate relation to the fact that all lives are transformed by the ultimate change - dying.

Dying is an inevitable change and as westerners we tend to shroud dying in tabu and denial. In doing so we fall out of sync with not only natural changes but also life itself. Thus, losing the benefits of being in the present and arriving ill prepared for the transformation of dying. Be our own death or death of loved ones.

Bönpo Buddhism is reach in knowledge and methods to use the ultimate moment wisely. Choe-Khor Tshang Rinpoche will guide us through teachings and medation for realising death as pathway to our hearts and self-realisation.Join us for this very special online event!

Price:: 60 €URO